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The method you will use most frequently because you do it every time you shampoo. Using the fingers and thumb in a circular or rotational movement. For this technique you apply gentle but firm pressure and can easily develop a pattern of movement which will cover the hairline and scalp. Rotary massage is similar to Petrissage.

You would use this technique for the shampoo process.



Is another Swedish massage technique which applies pressure to the body. This is used to work the underlying muscles in a kneading action. The palm of the hands, the fingers and the thumbs are used in this slow and rhythmic movement. The main techniques of petrissage are;

Ÿ  Kneading

Ÿ  Scissoring

Ÿ  Knuckling

You would use this technique when massaging the temples, neck and shoulders.



Is a light or feathery form of stroke used to encourage venous and lymphatic return in Swedish massage techniques. It is generally used at the beginning or the end of the massage session, they are 4 variations of this stroke they are:

Ÿ  Ethereal strokes

Ÿ  Feathering, or nerve-stroking

Ÿ  Superficial effleurage

Ÿ  Deeper effleurage

You employ this technique when you apply treatments and conditioners



Is the 3rd Swedish massage technique, the name comes from the French to Tap or Drum. It is a rhythmic motion done with the edge of the palms or fingers. This is used on the lymphatic nerves to release build up, often on the neck and chin.

This method is often used in facial massage.



This is massage that is applied with a mechanical device. This is a service that would normally be provided by professionals like trichologists. The techniques work the muscles to free the build up of lactic acids. It has a relaxing effect so relieves tension and stress.

You can get small vibro-massage gadgets to use on the neck, head and shoulders at the larger chemists and health stores.



This is a method applied around the joints and areas where the skin is thin and more resilient. The intention is to stretch underlying tissues and exert friction on the area, thereby increasing circulation. It is generally used for stimulation in deep muscle injuries.

This is a service that would normally be provided by professionals like trichologists.




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